Driven by detail,
ambience and nature

Maarten Hermans is the creative mind behind Håndlayer. Maarten trained as a painter, specialising in Decorative and Restorative Painting. He gained considerable experience in artisan paintwork and became a passionate advocate of mineral surfaces. Since 2017, Maarten has been channelling his knowledge, expertise and love for nature into Håndlayer. His artistic vision and zeal invariably translates into high-end, charismatic interiors with a unique touch.

Discover our working method

Our working method

  • one

    Introductory meeting

    Interested in a collaboration with Håndlayer? We first pay you an on-site visit to discuss the feasibility of your project, the various options and the maintenance of the materials. We use this session to assimilate your ideas and translate your vision into explicit interior advice.

  • two


    Following our introductory meeting, we prepare a detailed quotation tailored to your project and requirements. We believe in clear communication and straightforward advice, and always propose clarifying this quotation in person.

  • three


    We contact you two weeks later, to check whether our quotation satisfies your requirements and to answer any questions or comments that you may have.

  • four


    Want to go ahead? Great! We notify you of our proposed planning based on the agreed deadlines, and provide you with an information brochure containing guidelines on how to prepare for the works.

  • five

    Site preparation

    A Håndlayer employee will visit the site a few days prior to the planned commencement date. This allows us to set straight to work on the day itself.

  • six

    Project execution

    We keep you regularly informed of progress throughout the works, ensuring that you stay up-to-date on the status of your project.

  • seven

    Project completion

    Following completion of the works, we return to discuss the results, answer any questions and provide general maintenance advice.