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Invite nature into your home
with artisan painting

Håndlayer is also your one stop shop for artisan painting. We work exclusively with natural products and use the traditional methods of the past to play with colour and texture. Unlike ordinary paintwork, artisan painting is done entirely by hand. The same applies to the colours, which are custom made to your requirements.

We assimilate your preferences and requirements during a personal introductory session. We subsequently harness this information to capture your vision in a unique a set of colours and textures that inject soul into your home. Below is a selection of artisan painting examples for your inspiration.


A key artisan painting technique is the imitation of natural phenomena such as (natural) stone, wood, oxidations and aging. Håndlayer can craft custom textures or aging effects for a variety of different surfaces, regardless the mood you wish to evoke.

Mineral paint

Mineral paint is made from natural materials and comes in numerous variants including lime paint, clay paint, silicate paint, casein paint and kalei paint. Mineral paint can be applied in the traditional way or you can ask us to dream up a unique texture.


Stucco, also known as stuccowork or decorative plaster, is a thin layer of plaster that’s particularly suitable for areas that are less susceptible to wear and tear, such as walls, ceilings and vaults. Stucco is applied using a trowel instead of a brush, giving walls and ceilings a lively finish, such as a concrete look or cloud effect. We work exclusively with natural stucco and actively experiment with colours and textures to create infinite possibilities.

Authentic finishes with a hint of the past

Want to distress your floor, ceiling or walls? Or searching for an exclusive touch? We add a dash of prestige to your interior using authentic finishes in extravagant gold leaf, imitation brick or imposing ‘trompe l'oeil’.

Bespoke, artisanal work

Artisan painting offers an endless range of possibilities, from colours and textures to techniques and applications. Håndlayer assists in selecting the perfect style for your interior, bringing your creative vision to life.